Mechanic Lift Services

An architect sketching out a drawing

Facility Design

LIFTCo will work with your designers, architects, contractors, and builders to ensure that the proper equipment is selected and the appropriate oil lines, air lines, air compressor sizing, power, and other required hook-ups are properly planned for in the design process. We will also recommend the appropriate parts-room shelving, workbenches, cabinets, and other components that you require.

A technician using a wrench to tighten a bolt on a car

Car Lift Installation

We are certified to install all makes and models of lifts for commercial and residential use.  The most common brands that we install are:

  • Challenger
  • Globe
  • Rotary

Our team is comprised of plumbers, electricians, and other licensed technicians to complete your job from start to finish.

A technician looking at the underside of a car

Car Lift Maintenance and Certification

Lifts endure a heavy amount of daily strain and it is critical that they are properly maintained and regularly certified for operation.  The number one priority is to keep you and your team safe as you work on vehicles.

We provide maintenance and certification services for all makes and models of lifts.

There are also many lesser known brands and custom lifts that we can repair, maintain, and certify. Get in touch to see if we can help ›

Do you need lift maintenance, repair, or certification?